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Maxi Charm Necklaces

Information about project:

Maxi Charm Necklaces

Difficulty: Beginner


Choose the length you want your maxi necklace to be and pick and swap the charms to go with the occasion. Just follow the instructions to make yours. You will need a few jumprings from your stash.

Feather maxi necklaceKey maxi necklaceMoon maxi necklaceCross maxi necklace

Step 1

Take your leather cord and cut it to the length you wish your necklace to be. These necklaces look stunning when the charm sits just below the bust, so we'd reccomend cutting to approx. 64cm.

Use Fevi-Kwik to attach the cord ends. NB. You may need to cut the end of the leather cord into a 'point' by carefully snipping both sides in a diagonal direction. This will allow the cord to sit in the cord ends better, add the Fevi Kwik to the cord end and push in firmly using pliers if you wish.

Step 2

Attach a soldered ring onto the cord. Attach a 2mm jumpring, then a lobster clasp to one cord end. Add a 4mm jumpring to the other cord end. Add a 2mm jumpring to the cord, followed by another, then your charm of choice! To change your charm, simply open the jumpring and attach another. NB. If you are using a charm pendant with a bail already attached, simply remove the jumpring attached to the cord end, slide the charm pendant on and reattach the jumpring you removed.