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Marina Pearl Bracelet

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Marina Pearl Bracelet

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Marina Pearl Bracelet

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a trending blue bracelet using Swarovski pearls and crystals with vintage blue candy beads from Preciosa. It's the perfect accessory to celebrate the royal wedding! 

Step 1

Cut a 1-metre length of wire and find the centre point. Thread on the bar of the toggle clasp to the centre. Thread a crimp bead onto both ends of the wire and slide it up next to the clasp. Pull the wire tight and squash the crimp bead flat.

Step 2

Thread a 4mm pearl onto both strands of wire. Onto one of the strands, string on another 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl, 4mm pearl and then a metal connector. Then string on a 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl and a candy bead. On the same strand you will now mirror the pattern with a 6mm pearl, 4mm pearl and a metal connector. Repeat the pattern (connector 4mm, 6mm, candy bead, 6mm, 4mm, connector). After your 5th connector, check the size against your wrist. 

Step 3

Complete the first strand of the bracelet with a 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl and another 4mm pearl. Take your second strand of wire and mirror the pattern above, first by adding a 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl, 4mm pearl and then going through the other hole of the metal connector.

Step 4

Add a 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl and the pass through the second hole of the candy beads and continue along the pattern.

Step 5

When you reach the end and have added your 4mm pearl, 6mm pearl and 4mm pearl, pass both wires through another 4mm pearl. Then thread a crimp bead onto both strands, pass the wires through the loop of the clasp and bring them back through the crimp bead. Pull the wires so the crimp bead in snug against the clasp. Squash the crimp bead flat and weave the tail ends into your design. Finish by glueing your crystals into the connector settings and allow to dry before wearing your bracelet.