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Maple Wood Jewellery

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Maple Wood Jewellery

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X- Gold Plated Pinch Bail with Loop for Large Pendant 5x9mm Pk1
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X Gold Plated Small Heart Lobster Clasp 11mm Pk1
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X-Gold Plated Iron Jumprings 4mm 0.8mm Thick Pk100
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Maple Wood Jewellery

Difficulty: Beginner


*SALE MAKE* Create a beautiful golden necklace and bracelet with unique semi-precious gemstones!

Step 1

Cut a length of chain four inches long and at the end attach a jumpring.

Step 2

Create 5 looped beads on eyepins and attach these to the piece of chain with a jumpring in between each.

Step 3

Cut a length of chain 5 links in length and attach this to the end of the beads.

Step 4

Create another three looped beads and attach this to the chain, with a jumpring in between each bead.

Step 5

Cut another piece of chain 5 links in length and attach it to the end of the beads with a jumpring.

Step 6

Close your pinch bail onto the semi-precious agate pendant and thread it onto the last piece of chain you just added.

Step 7

Repeat the previous steps to make the other side of the necklace to match. Finish the necklace with a lobster clasp and jumpring.

Step 8


Make two looped beads and attach one to either side of the connector with a jumpring.

Cut two length of chain 2.5 inches in length and attach these to either side of the looped bead.

Finish by adding a lobster clasp and jumpring to each end of the chains.