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Maple Shimmer Collection

Step 1


Thread one small faceted goldstone bead onto a headpin, trim and loop above the bead.
Thread a rectangle goldstone bead onto an eyepin, trim and loop above the bead.
Join these two together and attach to an earwire. 
Repeat for the second earring. 

Step 2


Cut a length of elastic and thread your small faceted round goldstone beads onto it. 
Knot the elastic when you are happy with the length and can take the bracelet on and off.
Secure with a drop of glue or clear nail polish. 
Trim the elastic. 

Step 3


Cut two lengths of chain measuring approx. 7" each.
Attach a jumpring to one end of the chains.
Cut a length of flexible wire and thread on approx. 10/11 rectangle goldstone beads and small faceted round goldstones in alternating order. 
Thread on a crimp bead, thread the wire through one of the chain ends with no jumpring.
Thread back through the crimp and into your beads.
Crimp the bead when your chain has been pulled close to the crimpbead for a neat finish.
Repeat on the other side attaching the other length of chain to the beaded section.
To one of your jumprings, attach a lobster clasp.