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Man Make

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Man Make

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Man Make

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


The first 'Take a Make Break' man make especially for men to try and do on their own (or a great gift for them), made with our new titanium skull bead and black onyx. Learn how to make it here.

Please note: This bracelet has been designed for the average male's wrist. You may want to make the cord longer if you are making it for a larger wrist.



Step 1

You will need 72 cm of 1mm Shamballa Fashion cord for the centre cord. Fold this cord in half and zap the ends (or melt the ends). [TIP: It is important that you zap/melt the centre cords otherwise you will struggle to fit them both through the  beads].

Step 2

Cut 72cm of 1.5mm Shamballa Fashion Cord and you will need to use the cord as the the 2 outer cords.

Step 3

Start Square knotting from the top end of the cord (This is where you folded the original cord-This will create a loop. You will need to make sure the loop is big enough to fit the skull bead through.) Add a Semi Precious Onyx bead every time you have made a full square knot.

Step 4

 We used a total of 14 beads- you can add more if you like. You should have plenty of cord left so you can make it larger if you need to.

Step 5

Tie off and thread through the skull bead. Tie all 4 strands and use the tread zapper to neaten the knot.