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'Man in the Moon' Bracelet

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'Man in the Moon' Bracelet

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X Gold Plated Small Heart Lobster Clasp 11mm Pk1
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X-Gold Plated Iron Jumprings 4mm 0.8mm Thick Pk100
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Gold Plated Iron Eyepins 26mm (1 inch) Pk100
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'Man in the Moon' Bracelet


Create this dainty 'Man in the Moon' Bracelet using Glass Bead mix selection number 1.

Please note that this necklace is for inspiration purposes only, and all glass mix contents will vary. We cannot guarantee all of the beads seen in this project will be in your mixes.

Step 1

Thread 3 random beads onto a gold eyepin 5 times. Trim and loop the opposite end of each eyepin. You may wish to use a One Step Looper. Connect each of these pieces together by closing and opening the loops.

Step 2

Crimp wire onto one end of the created piece. Trim any extra wire and thread on 5 pearls. Crimp onto a lobster clasp. Repeat this on the opposite side, crimping onto a jumpring.