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Magpie Choker

Information about project:

Magpie Choker

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


This week’s tutorial is part of the huge choker trend that continues to dominate jewellery fashion. Katrina was inspired by a different look from the all-too-familiar tattoo-style, elastic choker that’s back from the 90s goth/grunge trend. You see them everywhere right? Make your own using our pretty linen cord and delicate charms. Ready? Let's get Creative!

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Designed by Katrina - April 2017

Step 1

Measure the length of ribbon tight against your neck. Minus 1 inch from the length and cut the cord.

Step 2

Apply a drop of glue to the ends to make it stiffer and prevent it from fraying. Insert them into the cord ends and fold the ends over the cord using your flat nose pliers.

Step 3

Attach a jumpring through the loop of each cord end. On one side add a lobster clasp. On the opposite side attach approx. 10cm of chain to the cord end with a jumpring. Connect a feather charm onto the end of the extension chain you just created.

Step 4

Find the middle of your choker and attach a second feather charm through the bottom loop of the cord with a jumpring.