Macramé Knotted Ring | Mini Make Monday |

Macramé Knotted Ring | Mini Make Monday

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Macramé Knotted Ring | Mini Make Monday

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Antique Silver Brass Ring Base Two Hole 2x20mm Pk1
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Macramé™ / Macramé cord / nylon / 0.6mm / dark brown / 135m
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Macramé™ / Macramé cord / nylon / 0.6mm / olive / 135m
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Information about project:

Macramé Knotted Ring | Mini Make Monday

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Intermediate


Holly will show you how to make these cute macramé rings in this tutorial. Such a lovely design, very quick and easy to make too. 

Since I first learnt how to macramé knot, I’ve been adding little knotted details into lots of my designs! Once you’ve mastered the simple knotting pattern then the ideas are sure to start flowing for you to get creative with them. Try mixing your coloured threads, adding beads into your knots or even using your macramé sections as functional, sliding clasps. Take a look at more of our pretty macramé projects and learn some new designs on the Beads Direct Design Centre!

If you are new to the macramé technique we do have a macramé tutorial to help you with your square knots. 

Products needed:
CrystaLove™ 3mm bicone
Macramé™ 0.6mm cord in two different colours
Ring Base - Two Hole Silver Ring Base
Glue or clear nail varnish 

Our tutorials are for inspiration and learning purposes. They include links to the relevant categories for you to choose your own colour combinations and we positively encourage you to experiment with different shapes, sizes, finishes, composition and texture. Why not choose your own beads and colours to achieve something in your own style? Let your imagination run wild and make your dream piece of jewellery!

Step 1

Cut a 10″ length of your chosen inside colour cord. Thread this around your rings threading holes 4 times making sure that both ends of the cords are on the underside of the ring.

Step 2

Knot these cords securely together and trim them leaving a small tail on each. These can be hidden inside your macramé knotting.

Step 3

Secure your ring base to your work surface using some tape so that it doesn’t move whilst you are knotting. Cut a 15″ length of your second coloured cord.

Step 4

Create approx 6 macramé knots between the two holes on your ring base, capturing the cords stretched across the ring.

Step 5

To create a full macramé knot, follow the steps below:

Take your length of cord and thread it through the ring base. Take your left side of this cord and create a ‘q’ shape using the left cord as the circular part and the cords stretched across the ring as the line part of the ‘q’ shape. Take the right hand side of the cord and place it OVER the left cord. Next thread the same right hand cord under the left thread, through the ring base and up through the ‘q’ shape of the left hand cord. Pull this half of the knot tight.

Step 6

Repeat this process on the right hand side of the ring, creating a ‘p’ shape with the right cord, moving the left cord over the right, under it, through the ring and up through the ‘p’ shape. This is the other half of the macramé knot.

Step 7

Once you are happy with your knots across your ring, make an overhand knot on the underside and secure with a small drop of glue or clear nail polish. When the glue is dry you can trim off the tail threads.

Once you have mastered your macramé technique, why not try adding some small beads into your knots? You could also try creating really small, detailed macramé knots using a finer cord!

Step 1