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What you will need...

1x Gold Regaliz Clasp [F897]
1x Reel of Black 3mm Round Leather [TC536]
1x Skull Charm [CR145]
2x Packs of 2 Gold Metal Zigzag Beads [MB459]
1x Fevi Kwik [W311]
This Luxe Leather Bracelet in black looks like a true designer piece. Made with black 3mm real leather cord, this bracelet really does offer luxe for less. The design was inspired by Alexander McQueen, drawing on the skull motif to create a theatrical piece. 
The skull pendant is large but it fits tightly on to the leather making sure it stays snugly in place. It feels chunky and substantial and is really comfortable to wear. This bracelet is a joy to wear or to give as a gift, and what's more it is also fun to make! Take a Make Break this weekend to create a piece you will truely fall in love with!
How To Make:
STEP 1: Cut 6 pieces of 3mm leather cord approx. 16cm long (you may want to adjust this to your wrist size if necessary).
STEP 2: Glue all 6 pieces into one end of the regaliz clasp. It is best to start with the smaller part of the clasp as the larger part is easier to work with when you get to the end.
STEP 3: Separate the bottom 4 strands of leather and thread a zigzag bead over all 4, leaving the top 2 strands loose. Now repeat this, this time threading over the middle 4 strands.
STEP 4: Thread the skull over the 2 strands above the bottom strand. Now add another zigzag bead to the middle 4 strands, and a final zigzag bead to the top 4 strands.
STEP 5: Glue all 6 cords into the remaining end of the clasp. Leave to dry before you close the clasp.
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