Luxe Cupid Leather Bracelet

Information about this project


What you will need...

1x Gold Regaliz Clasp [F897]
1x Red 3mm Round Leather [TC541]
2x Cupid Spacers [CR216]
1x Clip on Carrier [F855]
1x Trinity Love Charm [TG5]
1x Jumpring [F1158]
1x Fevi Kwik [W311]
The Luxe Cupid Leather Bracelet certainly represents love. The multiple strands of striking red leather really make a statement and the gold clasp and charms give the finished bracelet a rich finish. Make sure cupid visit you this Valentine's Day by making one of these amorous bracelets.
How To Make:
STEP 1: Cut 5 pieces of 3mm leather cord approx. 16cm long (you may want to adjust this to your wrist size if necessary).
STEP 2: Glue all 5 pieces into one end of the regaliz clasp. It is best to start with the smaller part of the clasp as the larger part is easier to work with when you get to the end.
STEP 3: Thread on the cupid charms and the charm carrier, then glue all 6 cords into the remaining end of the clasp. Leave to dry before you close the clasp.
STEP 4: Attach the 'love' affirmation charm to the charm carrier with a jump ring.