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Designed by: Sarah Millsop

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to create this beautiful 'Love Locket' Shell Pearl Necklace, as designed by Sarah Millsop!

The finished length of this necklace is 18 inches and the pendant hangs just less than 2inches lower. It’s perfect for wearing with an open collar blouse, scoop neck top or our glamorous Christmas party dresses will all be in soon! The quality of the materials and the sterling silver findings, make it the perfect piece for party wear & a little treat to ourselves!

This project is a really lovely make and I would set aside an hour or so to create. As the knotting process is quite repetitive, it’s a great way to learn and perfect your technique. 

Step 1

Your nylon cord has a needle pre threaded which makes working with these pearls very easy. String your end cap (through the bar on the inside) onto the end of your thread. Knot to secure in place and use a small drop of Hypo cement to secure. Cut off any loose tail.

Step 2

Use your pearl knotter, to knot in between each pearl. This is a great way to secure your pearls and a very traditional look. 

Step 3

Do not knot between your last 2 beads, string on your end cap and back through the last pearl. Pull your threads tight, so that there is not a gap between your final pearl and the end cap. Tie a knot in between the pearls to secure. Finish with a drop of Hypo Cement. Once it is dry, cut the loose end of thread. 

Your knotted pearls now give you a necklace that can be re used time and time again by adding different pendants. Open and connect your ring to the 2 end caps and enjoy re designing and changing your necklace to suit your outfits.