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Loopy Loop Bracelet

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Loopy Loop Bracelet

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Nymo Beading Thread Size D 0.3mm Red 64yards
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Loopy Loop Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


This seed beaded bracelet is fun, flirty and fabulous for Spring and Summer. Combine pretty pinks with ravishing reds to create a unique bracelet you're sure to fall in love with.

Please note - you only need 1 jumpring for this design so you may want to add some to your basket if you don't have one spare in your bead stash. You will need a conditioned Nymo thread or KO thread for this project.

Step 1

Measure out approximately 3-4 metres of nymo thread, condition (unless using KO thread) and thread your needle.

Step 2

Using any large bead you have available, thread needle through twice to use as a stopper bead leaving an 8-10 inch tail for use later to attach the lobster clasp.

Thread on as many beads as required to go around your wrist alternating between colour A and colour B. When you have the desired length, add 2 colour B and the clasp, followed by 2 colour B. Thread the needle through all 4 beads and the clasp several times to secure, then bring the needle back through the last bead threaded before the clasp beads.

Step 3

Pick up 16 colour A beads and pass the needle back through the bead you have just passed through to create a loop and pass it though the next two beads along.

Step 4

Now pick up 16 Colour B beads and repeat the process as described in the previous step.

Step 5

Pick up 16 Colour C beads and repeat the process again.

Step 6

Continue along the foundation row of beads using the same 3 colour changes for your loops, in the process described so far.

Step 7

When you have reached the end of the row, remove the stopper bead and tie the two threads together. To add the jump ring repeat the process as described for adding the clasp; Add 2 Colour B beads, the jump ring and 2 Colour B beads. Push the needle through all 4 beads and the jump ring several times to secure it in place - this time exit the 2nd bead from the end.

Repeat the first few steps for the second side of the bracelet to create more loops. When you reach the end tie off using several knots to secure and then cut the thread. Remember to also tie the ends and cut off any spare thread left from the placement of the stopper bead.

Step 8


- Keep tension even throughout to enable the beads within the loops to stay tightly together,

- Try changing size 8 seed beads for 6's or 11's. This will change the thickness of the bracelet and add even more beads for an even 'loopier' look!