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Little Corel Peyote Earrings

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Little Corel Peyote Earrings

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Rose Gold Plated Brass Ear Wire Dangle Earring Base with Loop 1xPair
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Rose Gold Plated Brass Jump Rings 6.5mm 1mm gauge Pk100
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Rose Gold Plated Iron Headpins 50mm Pk100
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Little Corel Peyote Earrings

Designed by: Katie Brennan

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make these cute little peyoted earrings, using seed beads and Swarovski Corel pearls.

Step 1

Begin by making a Peyote ring; Pick up 28 size 11 seed beads and sew them into a ring. Pick up one size 11, skip a bead on the ring and sew through the next. Repeat until you have one more bead to add. Each bead you skip is a bead in row 1.

Step 2

Pick up the last size 11 skip a bead on the ring, sew through the next bead and the first bead added in this

row. This ‘step up’ gets you to the right place to begin the next row, you’ll need to do this after each row.

Step 3

To continue the next ring pick up a size 11 and sew through the next bead on the previous row. Repeat all

the way around like before. Repeat until you have 3 complete rows.

Step 4

At the end of your Peyote go through the pearl then go thourgh a bead roughly in the centre of the ring and then thread back though the pearl. Then go though the last bead on the peyote so that it sits around the pearl nicely. Tie off the two ends of the thread and cut.

Step 5

Push a headpin through the bottom of the peyote through the pearl and out the other side of the peyote. then go though a jump ring and twist the end of the headpin around to give you the looping effect. secure the jump ring to  the earring finding to finish.

Repeat for a second earring.