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Linked Friendship Bracelet

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Linked Friendship Bracelet

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Rhodium Plated Heart Slider Bead Cubic Zirconia 8mm Hole 4x6mm Pk1
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Mcord ™ / Macramé cord / nylon / 1mm / white / 27m
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Mcord ™ / Macramé cord / nylon / 1mm / light pink / 27m
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Linked Friendship Bracelet

Designed by: Laura


This fashionable friendship bracelet is made from bar links and cord. A simple knotting technique attaches the bars to build up your bracelet, giving a similar effect to the Links of London friendship bracelet design. You can make your own friendship bracelet as a gift or a fashion statement! Although the product codes have changed since 2013, the finished design will be just as pretty!

This design is time consuming and can take 2-3 hours to complete. The technique may look tricky but once you pick it up it is actually quite simple. Ready? Lets begin!

Materials required:
1mm Cord - 2 colours - Shiny Coated Braiding Cord would work well too. For a stiffer finish, why not try Waxed Cord?
Silver Plated Link Bars 3x13mm - if you would like to make a larger bracelet add an extra pack of link bars (CH192) to your order).
Slider Bead - This can be any shape. Ensure the hole is a minimum of 3x5mm to accommodate the cords.
Clip Board

You can find the old written instructions by following the link below below (Please save the trees and save the instructions rather than print them).

Download the step-by-step instructions.

Remember that our tutorials are designed to teach you technique and bring inspiration, so your jewellery doesn't have to look exactly like the one in the tutorial. Don't be afraid to experiment with shapes and colours!

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 Designed by Laura - January 2013