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Lime Soda Kumihimo

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Lime Soda Kumihimo

Difficulty: Intermediate


This gorgeous Kumihimo necklace is both vibrant and unique. Create your own "Lime Soda" necklace today, created by Sandra Henbest.

Why not try changing the colours of your beads to create a whole range of different necklaces?

Materials used:
TOHO™ size 8/0 seed beads
Miyuki™ Long Magatama 4x7mm
BEADSMITH ™ S-Lon - you could either use cream or lime green to match the design
Button - a button of your choice

Our tutorials are for inspiration and learning purposes. They include links to the relevant categories for you to choose your own colour combinations and we positively encourage you to experiment with different shapes, sizes, finishes, composition and texture. Why not choose your own beads and colours to achieve something in your own style? Let your imagination run wild and make your dream piece of jewellery.

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Step 1

If you have not created a kumhino design before, you may want to watch a useful kumihimo video tutorial, to show you the basic technique. 

To make a 20 inch Necklace -
Cut four, 3 metre lengths of S-Lon Cord.

Step 2

Thread the button onto all four strands and slide to the middle of the cords. Tie a knot in the S-Lon on the underside of the button. You will now have 8 long threads.

Step 3

Slot two strands onto the North, South, East and West points of a Kumihimo disk with the button in the centre hole.

Step 4

On four of the strands (two either side of point 8 and 24), thread 110 size 8 beads. Either tie a knot in the end of the thread, or use a stopper bead.

Step 5

On the remaining strands, thread 35 Seed Beads, then 40 long Magatama beads pointing in random directions, followed with another 35 Seed Beads.

Step 6

Wind the threads onto Bobbins, this stops the threads from tangling.

Step 7

Braid as normal, dropping a bead into place on each move until all beads are used.

Step 8

For the loop at the end, wrap a piece of S-Lon Cord or Rattail around the button quite tightly and add 1/2 inch to find the length of braid required.

Step 9

Carry on braiding without beads until the piece of naked braid is long enough. Take the next 2 threads to be worked and tie them together using a square knot. Remove from the board.

Step 10

Once off the board, thread one of the 8 threads onto a needle and work the needle through the middle of the braid close to the beads. Using the same cord, push the needle down through the centre of the braid for 1/2 inch, taking care the needle does not go through a bead. Pull the cord tight.

Step 11

Repeat with 6 of the remaining 7 threads, leaving the one closest to the beads. You may need to use a pair of pliers to pull the last 1 or 2 threads.

Step 12

With the Last cord, wrap it around the loop as tight and flat as you can for about 1/2 inch. Try not to overlap the wrap.

Step 13

Before you finish, check that the button will fit through the loop.  Pass the needle back through the 2 sides of the loop, at the top of the wrap and pull tight.

Step 14

Slide the needle through the wrap from the loop end back to the beads and tie off with a half hitch knot close to the beads. Pass the needle through the centre of the braid as with previous threads.

Step 15

Pull each thread tight and cut close to the beads. Add a drop of glue to the wrapped section as added security.