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Difficulty: Intermediate


If you have mastered the macrame knot, why not double up to make a thicker and more substantial bracelet by using the first row as a centre cord.

To make this bracelet you will need to use most of the green pony bead lacing cord supplied in the multi-pack

Step 1.
Firstly, make your chain the same length as half of your wrist.

Step 2. Attach your Pony Lacing Bead cord to the end link and make a length of square knots. When you are happy with the total length of the bracelet, thread the pony cord through the end link of your chain. Usually you would stop here however, to make the bracelet thicker you will need to square knot backwards, 
You will need to use the bracelet you have just made as the centre cord.  

Step 3. When you have finished add a dap of Fevi Kwik