Lilac Gem Bracelet |

Lilac Gem Bracelet

Step 1

Cut approx. 25" of thread and add a needle to either end. Pick up one of your silver soldered rings with one needle and move it to the centre of your thread. Make sure the two sides of thread are the same length.

Pick up a gemstone bead onto one side of your thread and then thread the other side through the same bead. Move this down to the centre of your thread with the jumpring. 

Step 2

Onto both threads separately, add 2 x demi round seed beads. Pick up a gemduo bead by threading one needle through one hole and the other needle through the other hole on the bead. 

Step 3

Onto each needle separately, pick up 1 x demi round, 1 x gemstone bead, 1 x demi round. Thread both sides through a single gemduo bead.

Repeat this step until your bracelet is as long as you want it to be. 

Step 4

After adding your last gemduo bead, pick up 2 x demi rounds on each thread and pass both threads through a single gemstone bead (as you have done on the other end of the bracelet). Each end should now match. 

Pass both threads through the loop on your lobster clasp and weave your threads into your bracelet to securely finish the design. Watch Sarah's video above to learn how to weave in your threads and finish your bracelet professionally.