Lilac Flutter Bracelets |

Lilac Flutter Bracelets

Step 1

Cut 1 and a half loops using your memory wire cutters. Don't use your normal wire cutters as it will blunt them!

Step 2

Thread on four small bicones and then one bigger one. Repeat this step 7 more times.

Step 3

On one end of the memory wire, dip the very tip into the tube of Fevi Kwik glue.

Step 4

Place the end bead onto the gluey memory wire end and allow the glue to set.

Step 5

Push all the beads to sit smugly against the ball end. Trim the opposite wire end, leaving just a couple of millimetres for your end and glue it on like before.

Step 6

Open a large jumpring with your pliers and attach it to a Swarovski heart. Connect two small jumprings together and link it to the jumpring of the Swarovski heart. Connect the small jumpring at the top to the middle of your bracelet, between two pairs of lilac beads.