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Libra Crystal Necklace

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Libra Crystal Necklace

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Libra Crystal Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Libra Crystal Necklace using a stunning Swarovski Crystal pendants, hotfix crystals and shimmering bicones.

Step 1

Thread eyepins through both holes on your Swarovski column bead. Loop on both sides. Attach jumprings to the bottom two loops (one on each side). Trim down extension chains to 3 loops and 9 loops. Attach the green Swarovski drop to the piece with 9 loops using a jumpring.

Step 2

To add the heart pendant, glue a trimmed eyepin into the centre of two heart flatbacks. Hold until dry. Attach to the 3-loop piece of extension chain using a jumpring. 

Step 3

Take a 40cm length of beading wire and pass through one of the eyepin loops. You essentially want your wire to be folded in half and doubled up. Thread on 48 bicones to the wire, then crimp onto a jumpring. Repeat this step on the opposite side, attaching a lobster clasp.