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Liberty Shoe Laces

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Liberty Shoe Laces

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Liberty Shoe Laces

Difficulty: Beginner


Embellish your favourite shoes with gorgeous Liberty style ribbon and shiny silver end caps. 

Step 1

Each length of ribbon measures 1metre and there is enough for 4/5 crisscrosses up your shoe. 

Step 2

Take your ribbon and thread downwards through the two holes nearest the toe of your show. Pull the ribbon on each side so that they are equal lengths. 
Thread your shoe laces up your shoe going over and down through each hole. 

Step 3

Once you are happy with your lacing, check how your finished bow will look and decide whether you need to trim some ribbon off if they are too long. 

Step 4

Finally, take one side of ribbon and fold a small section over at the end. Add a couple of drops of glue into one of your end caps and push this folded bit of ribbon into it. Let it dry and test how securely it is set. Add a bit more glue if you need.

Repeat this on the other side of the shoelace. Repeat the full instructions on the other shoe!