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'Lets Groove' Necklace

Step 1

Attach the crystals around one half of the filigree connectors using glue. Place the crystal fine rocks in the centre using the adhesive already on the back of the piece. Glue the crystals into the small connectors and then connect these central pieces together using jump rings.

Step 2

Set up your kumihimo board for an 8 strand braid. Thread 30 solo beads on to each of the horizontal cords. Thread 30 size 8 seed beads on to each of the vertical cords, placing matching colours diagonally opposite each other.

Step 3

Braid a standard 8 strand beaded kumihimo until you have used all your beads. (we will have some instructions for this online already) Repeat this process to create a second beaded braid.

Step 4

Glue end caps to either end of both braids and attach to the centrepiece you made earlier. Finish by using jump rings to attach the toggle clasp.