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Leopard Print FIMO Cane Bead Necklace

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Leopard Print FIMO Cane Bead Necklace

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Staedtler Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Black 56g (1.97oz)
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Black Round Leather Cord 1mm 5Metre Reel
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Staedtler Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Chocolate 56g (1.97oz)
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Staedtler Fimo Soft Polymer Clay Sahara 56g (1.97oz)
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Information about project:

Leopard Print FIMO Cane Bead Necklace

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make FIMO cane beads featuring the trendy leopard print. 

Step 1

Firstly you need to make your canes and for the leopard design you will need the chocolate, sahara and black FIMO. Take the chocolate and break off half of the amount in the block and roll into a sausage shape about 4-5 cm in length.

Step 2

Now taking the black roll out a rectangular flat piece that measures roughly the same height as your brown sausage shape and the width needs to be enough to wrap around roughly over half of the sausage shape but not touching. 

Step 3

Now take the sahara colour FIMO and again roll flat, this time same height but enough width to fit the whole way around the diameter of the brown and black. 

Step 4

It is now time to start rolling, take your sausage of all three colours and roll out making sure you roll from the centre out - this is very important as the design inside needs to stay intact. 

Step 5

Once you have about a 25-30 cm cane then you need to cut the strand up into about 5 x 4 cm pieces. Pop all five pieces together and again roll from the centre out. 

Step 6

Once you have your long sausage strand again then it is time to reveal the pattern inside so cut from the centre in half as this is where the design should be most detailed. Then its time to make the beads.

Step 7

Roll out five small balls in the sahara FIMO about 2 cm diameter, take your sausage and cut thin slices off the cane as many as you would like and attach them to your cane and roll the balls again so the thin slices become part of the ball beads.  

Step 8

Take your five ball beads that should be covered now in the leopard inspired cane slices that were blended in on the last step and pierce a hole through the centre with a cocktail stick, just over 1 mm diameter and until you have 5 beads.

Step 9

Place the 5 beads or how many you have made in the over on 100 degrees for 30 minutes until hard. Take out and cool for a few hours before coating in the varnish to make them shiny or leave them as they are.

Step 10

Thread your beads onto the leather cord to create a beaded necklace, I tied the back of mine instead of using cord ends and a clasp because that was the wild rustic look I was trying to achieve, but you can use a clasp and cord ends to finish the look.