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Leopard Fringe Earrings

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Leopard Fringe Earrings

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Leopard Fringe Earrings

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these gorgeous trendy animal inspired fringe earrings using seed beads and gold findings.

Step 1

Firstly cut your chain, you will need two pieces that are equal lengths approximately 3-4 cm in length each. Attach a jump ring to each piece of chain at the top and attach your earwire to the jump ring and then close that jump ring. You should have two lengths of chain hanging from the earwire.

Step 2

Now take your headpins, you will need seven of these, start threading on your seed beads ensuring they are all different lengths with the longest in the centre fringing out. Once all seven are completed, use your round nose pliers to create loops at the top of the end of beads and cut the excess wire off. Now thread these on to your eyepin and make a small loop at the other end like the other side of the eye pin to secure your fringe design in place. 

I had inspiration from leopard print for these earrings and lay my beads out on the headpins in the style of leopard by creating small rosette shapes with the seed beads - This part isn't necessary unless you want an animal inspired pair of earrings. 

Step 1

Step 3

Attach your chain ends to the eyepin bar onto the eyes at either end, this can be done by plying the chain pieces apart and using the pliers again secure the chain around the eye loops. 

Repeat all three steps for the second earring.