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Learn How to Make a Beaded Bracelet - jewellery making tutorial

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Learn How to Make a Beaded Bracelet - jewellery making tutorial

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Miyuki Size 11 Round Seed Beads Matte Transparent Crystal AB 8.5g Tube
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / bicone / 4mm / crystal AB / 110pcs
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Opal (synthetic) / round / 6mm / 64pcs
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Learn How to Make a Beaded Bracelet - jewellery making tutorial

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Beginner


Leah Connolly presents to you a crystal ice beaded bracelet using the beautiful opal beads. These beads have an amazing opalescence with a slight blue tint and translucent to semi-opaque appearance. 

I was inspired by the beautiful frosty mornings  and I decided to have a play with the gorgeous opal beads. They give off such a pretty shine, they will not disappoint. 

Ready? Let's stitch. 


Opal beads - in 6mm rounds

CrystaLove Bicones - in 4mm Crystal AB

Miyuki™ rounds in size 11/0  transparent crystal AB

Beading Thread - One-G white

Needle size 12

Beading Mat


Step 1

Cut a length of thread approx 1.5 - 2 metres long. 

Step 2

Thread on 16 seed beads. Pass through them a second time to make a circle of beads. Leave a tail measuring approx 5". 

Once you have made your circle, pass through the next 8 seed beads so you exit on the opposite side of the circle to the tail.

Step 1

Step 3

Pick up an opal bead and pass it down to your seed beads. Pass your thread through the bead next to your tail thread on the outer side of the circle. Pass through 2 more seed beads in this direction. 

Step 4

The three beads you have passed through will be part of the next circle. Pick up 13 seed beads and go back around to make a second circle. 

Step 5

Pass through the original 3 seed beads in the circle. Pick up an opal bead and thread through the 3 seed beads on the opposite side of the circle. You can find these by counting 8 seed beads away from where your working thread is, and threading through the next 3. 

Step 1

Step 6

Continue this pattern of adding seed bead circles with the opal beads. Once you have reached your desired length, exit the 3 seed beads on the end of your bracelet. Pick up 4 seed beads, a CrystaLove Bicone and 15 seed beads. 

Step 7

Thread down through the first seed bead next to the bicone, through the bicone, through the first seed bead on the other side of the bicone bead. Thread through the 3 seed beads you started with on the last circle. 

Step 1

Step 8

There are 5 seed beads on each side of the circle between every 'group of 3' you have used to connect your circles together. Thread to the 3rd bead in the first group of 5. 

Step 1

Step 9

Pick up a seed bead, a opal bead, and another seed bead. Thread across to the next 3rd bead on the side of the circle. Continue to add a seed bead, an opal bead and a seed bead between every 3rd bead on the outside of your pattern. 

Step 1

Step 10

When you reach the end of one side of your bracelet, continue to thread through to the group of 3 beads at the end of your bracelet. Pick up 4 seed beads, one bicone, one seed bead, one opal bead and 3 seed beads. Thread down through the opal bead, the seed bead, bicone and one more seed bead. Pick up 3 seed beads and thread back into your bracelet. 

Step 1

Step 11

Repeat your pattern of adding a seed bead, a bicone and a seed bead down the otherside of the bracelet. 

Step 12

Thread to the 3rd seed bead on one side of the first circle. Pass through the first seed bead, bicone and seed bead combination. Pass through the next 2 seed beads and exit the bracelet. Pick up a seed bead and secure this in place between the 2 seed beads between the 2 bicones. (see picture - blue seed bead)/ Thread around this small area once to secure the bead in place. 

Step 1

Step 13

Repeat this pattern all the way down this side of the bracelet and replicate it on the other side of the bracelet. To finish, pass your working thread through your beading to hide it within your work. AT one point you can create a small hidden knot by passing under a thread between some beads, and threading through the loop before tightening. Repeat this a couple more times. Trim your thread. Repeat this process with your tail thread. 

Step 1

Step 14

We hope you enjoyed this project. Please don’t forget to rate it with stars and visit any of our social media pages to share your finished piece. We would be delighted to see how you did it Your Way

Step 1