Lavender Crystal Weave Bracelet

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Lavender Crystal Weave Bracelet using your free Shine Online gift! 

Step 1

Cut approximately 1m of illusion cord and thread on a seed bead, two Chinese crystal beads and a seed bead. Pull to the centre of your cord so you have two workable cords. Thread both cords through one Aventurine bead. You will now begin your weave pattern throughout the whole bracelet (or necklace/double wrap if you wish to create these instead).

Step 2

Pattern – Thread on one seed bead, one Chinese crystal bead and another seed bead onto your right hand strand. Thread these onto the left hand side, too. Pull both cords through an Aventurine bead, crossing each other (so the left cord becomes the right, and the right becomes left). Repeat this pattern until you have the length of bracelet/necklace you desire. Thread the cord through your rondelles and make a knot either side of the beads.  Now attach your clasp by looping a jump ring between the rondelle beads either end and attach your lobster clasp onto your jump ring.

Step 3

Weave detailing – To create the weave effect over the top of the design, knot a 40cm length of illusion cord next to the first seed bead you added at the beginning of the design. This will be the ‘top’ of the weave. Thread on 8 seed beads and pull your cord down through the second seed bead next to the second crystal bead on the BOTTOM of the design. Ensure you push the cord through the bottom seed bead from left to right otherwise your design will begin to twist. 

Step 4

Pull the cord around the back and up through the next FIRST seed bead next to a crystal along the bracelet. Repeat your pattern across the length of your design. When you have finished, simply thread your cord back through a few beads and knot. Secure with a dab of glue for extra security.