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Laurel Charm Bracelets

Information about project:

Laurel Charm Bracelets

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these Laurel Charm Bracelets using pretty enamelled gold plated leaf chain and delicate gold plated connector charms.
Please note - the turquoise faceted glass connector is now out of stock. We have replaced it with the 'Jonquil' cream/yellow tone gold plated connector.

Step 1

To make these bracelets you will need to measure your wrist size and determine how close you want your bracelet to sit on your wrist.

Step 2

Measure your charm that you want in the centre and your clasp and take this into consideration when you are cutting your chain to length.
In the bracelets we made, we cut a length of chain measuring approx 34 links and cut it in half to make two chains of 17 links.
Swap the directions of the chain so that the arrow shape of the leaves are pointing towards each other. 

Step 3

Neatly cut the pointed end of each chain to a soft curve being careful not to cut off the threading hole between the coloured leaves. Thread a jumpring through this threading hole and attach your charm between the two lengths of chain. 

Step 4

On the other end of the chains, neaten where you have cut being careful to not cut into the threading hole. 
Attach a jumpring to each end and attach your clasp. 

Step 5

Glue your Chaton crystal into its gold charm holder.