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Kumihimo Bedrock Bracelet

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Kumihimo Bedrock Bracelet

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Kumihimo Bedrock Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


This gorgeous gold, black and silver Kumihimo 8 strand braided bracelet will top off any outfit with a hint of sophistication, whether it's an evening dress or climbing gear!

Step 1

To make this bracelet you will need to know how to make an 8 strand Kumihimo braid. Please see our tutorial if you're unsure and need some help.

Once you have your threads braided using the Pebble Stone Rattail pack you can move onto Step 2.

Step 2

Apply the glue into each end of the clasp and secure your braid. Hold for a few moments to ensure glue holds.

Please note. You will want to make sure that the clasp isn't connected when applying the glue.

Step 3

Get ready to rock your Bedrock bracelet whatever adventure you are going on!