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Kumi-Balla Rose Gold Bracelet

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Kumi-Balla Rose Gold Bracelet

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Kumihimo Braiding Disk Round 4.25 Inch Pk1
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S-Lon Bead Cord 77yrds (70m) Gunmetal
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X-Waxed Nylon Cord 1.5mm x 9m Grey
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Kumi-Balla Rose Gold Bracelet

Difficulty: Expert


Have you tried kumihimo braiding before? How about macrame square knotting for shamballa fashion bracelets? Lots of us have tried them, and this bracelet combines these two fashionable techniques. The rose gold accent beads make this modern bracelet long lasting and high quality, perfect for a special gift. Give yourself a creative challenge and make your kumi-balla bracelet today.

Kumi-Balla Rose Gold 

Step 1

Cut 4 pieces of 1mm shamballa fashion cord and 4 pieces of gunmetal S-Lon approx. 1.5m in length. Tie them all together approx. 3cm from the middle. Place the slightly shorter ends through the middle of your kumihimo board and set up the board as shown in the picture above.

Step 2

Thread 14 beads on to each strand of s-lon. The diagram above indicates the strands to add the 3mm and 4mm beads to. Wrap each strand into a no-tangle kumihimo bobbin.

Step 3

Start kumihimo braiding, using each strand once without adding any beads. You should follow the normal 8-strand braid pattern. If you have not created an 8-strand braid before watch our tutorial video.

Step 4

Continue braiding and add a bead every time you use a strand of s-lon. Repeat until you have added all the beads. If you haven't added beads to a kumihimo braid before watch our tutorial video.

Step 5

Once you have added all the beads, braid again using each strand once without adding any beads. Now cut a scrap of s-lon and tie around the end of the kumihimo braid you have created to stop it unravelling when you remove it from the kumihimo board. Tie this thread tight but make sure you can untie it as you will remove it later.

Step 6

Once the braid is off the board take the two outer strands of shamballa fashion cord and start to create a square knot just below the fastening thread you have just attached. If you haven't created a square knot before then watch our video tutorial which shows you how.

Step 7

Tie around 11-15 full square knots then secure the knots using a thread zapper or some glue. Cut off the ends of the thread that you have just used for knotting but don't cut the centre threads. Tie each set of 2 s-lon cords to each other and cut off just below your square knotting.


Step 8

Tie some s-lon around the other end of the kumihimo braid and untie the fastening knot that holds all the threads together. Repeat step 7 on the other side of the bracelet.

Step 9

Cross the centre threads and tie 15 square knots over all 4 centre threads to create a sliding knot. Fasten off the ends and cut off any excess thread.

Step 10

Thread a 3mm and a 4mm  beads on each end and knot below them. Cut off any excess thread.