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Knotted Midnight Necklace

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Knotted Midnight Necklace

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Knotted Midnight Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Knotted Midnight Necklace using grey nylon cord and crepe style beads in black and midnight blue.

Step 1

Cut 57" / 145cm of cord. 
You can cut less for a shorter necklace. 

Step 2

Tie a knot approx. 1cm from one end of the cord.
Thread on a black crepe bead and a midnight blue crepe bead.
Tie another knot immediately after these beads. (See image)

Step 3

Leave approx. 12" of cord before tying another knot. 

Step 4

Thread on a black bead and tie a knot immediately afterwards (See image)
Leaving an inch between each bead, repeat this, alternating between black and midnight blue beads.
Carry on knotting and adding beads until you have 21 beads on your necklace. 

- (You can shorten the inch gap if you want to make a shorter necklace or include more beads)

Step 5

Leaving approx. 12" of cord, replicated the 2nd step to finish your necklace.