Khaki Crystal Earrings

Information about this project

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these Khaki Crystal Earrings using shimmering Swarovski crystal bicones in Khaki and two stunning Swarovski owlet stones.

Step 1

Attach a jumpring to a earwire.

Step 2

Attach a jumpring to a earwire.

Step 3

Thread a bicone onto an eyepin, trim and loop the other end of the eyepin.
Attach this eyepin to the jumpring on your earwire.
Attach another jumpring to the other side of this bicone/eyepin and attach this to one side of your owlet connector. 

Step 4

Thread a bicone onto a ball/headpin. Trim and loop the other end of the pin to create an eye. Repeat for another 2 bicones.

Step 5

Cut three extension chains to different lengths and detatch/ cut off the end of the extension chain. Attach your three bicones on headpins to these three extension chains. 

Step 6

Connect these three extension chains to a jumpring and thread this jumpring through the other hole in your crystal owlet connector.