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Karma Pearl and Pyrite Jewellery Set | Festival Jewellery

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Karma Pearl and Pyrite Jewellery Set using delicate freshwater pearls, brilliant rainbow pyrite beads and Sterling Silver charms.

Step 1

To make your necklace and bracelet you will be making individual eyepin sections that will attach together to form a beaded chain. 

Step 2

Start by threading a pearl bead onto an eyepin. Trim and loop above the bead to replicate the loop on the other side of the pin. 
Do the same for a pyrite bead.
Do the same for 3 green faceted beads.
Repeat this until you have approx. 20 of each. 

Step 3

Connect these eyepins together to create 2 x 10" lengths of beaded chain. 
At one end of each chain, attach a jumpring and link them together using a third jumpring. Attach a tassel charm and your large tree of life pendant.
This is the centre of the necklace. 
At the other end of the chains attach a jumpring and a lobster clasp.
To the other side, attach a jumpring and your heart connector through the main hole in the heart and then a second jumpring on the other side through the smaller threading hole. This will sit at the back of the necklace.

Step 4

Do the same pattern and process for your bracelet. Create a beaded chain long enough to (wrap twice around your wrist) using eyepins and beads and add your tassel charm and small tree of life connector. Finish by adding a jumpring and a lobster clasp and a jumpring to complete the clasp.