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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 2g Tube
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What you will need:
Tools:  Round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and wire cutters.

1x GM1786 Semi  precious round brecciated jasper 6mm (we’ve used 9 beads)

1x GM1785 Semi precious round brecciated jasper 4mm (we’ve used 9 beads)

1x EX2156  Semi precious oval  jasper 15mmx20mm (we’ve used 5 beads)

1x TS22 Trinity brass antique silver connector

1x TS102 Trinity brass antique silver headpins

1x TS107 Trinity brass antique silver oval jumprings

1x TS103 Trinity brass antique silver eyepins

1xTS45 Trinity brass antique silver 20mm dragonfly charm

7x TS108-7 inches of antique silver chain *If you would like your necklace to be longer you will need to buy a longer amount of chain.*

1x F1199 Antique silver toggle clasp

1xGlue (we recommend Fevi kwik)


How to make the Jasper neckla

Step 1. Using your round nose pliers bend the corners of the dragonfly until it sits nicely on the oval bead (EX2156). Apply glue sparingly as fevi kwik is extremely strong. Leave to dry.

Step 2. Get the rose connector (TS22) and bend in half with pliers. This may take a few attempts. This will act as a bail.

Step 3. Thread the chain through your connector. Place the connector in the centre, count approx. 7 links from the right of the connector and add an oval bead. Count this again but on the opposite side and add oval bead.

Step 4. Continue adding beads in any order you wish. You can copy this design by looking at the pattern on the picture.

Step 5. When you are satisfied with the length of your necklace attach your toggle clasp.

Step 6. Add a jumpring to your connector then add a round jasper bead. Attach to the very first oval bead you glued the dragonfly to.

Step 7.There you have it! Hope you like it.

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