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Jasmine Collection - Pastel Dream

Step 1

Chain Bracelet -

Cut 3 lengths of chain approximately 10cms long. Attach both ends of each piece onto jumprings and attach to the box clasp holes. Cut into your chains periodically and remove an inch for every glass connector you wish to add. Attach the connectors to the chain with jumprings.

Step 2

Elastic Bracelet - 

Take approximately 30cms of elastic and begin to thread on your beads in the pattern 1 Swarovski bicone and 1 small silver spacer bead. After you have added approximately 20 of each beads (assess the sizing before the next step and add more if necessary), attach necklace ends to each end of the elastic and trim excess if required. Attach your glass connector directly to the necklace ends, using pliers to open and close the loops.

Step 3

Macrame Braided Bracelet -

For this bracelet you will need to understand the basic technique of creating a Shamballa fashion bracelet using square knots (macrame). You can find a diagram and instructions here.


Attach your cord to one side of the glass connector and begin to braid by creating two complete knots. For every other knot, alternating on the side of the cord, add a small Swarovski bicone. Keep knotting until you have reached the desired length for one side of the bracelet (less 1 inch for the sliding knot). Repeat on the other side of the connector charm. Once both sides have been braided to the required length, you can create your sliding knot.

Create a sliding knot as seen in the instructions listed above and secure with a dab of glue (Fevi Kwik or Gem Tac).

Attach a crimp bead, a bicone and another crimp bead deollowed by a knot to complete the strand used to pull the knot.