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Island Paradise Necklace

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Island Paradise Necklace

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Silver Plated Figaro Chain 6x4mm/2x1.5mm 1metre
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Antique Silver Lobster Clasp 10x18mm Pk2
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Island Paradise Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a sweet graduated seed bead necklace using headpins and a shining 'figaro' link chain.

Step 1

Cut your chain to the length you would like your necklace to be. You may have some more chain left to make a double layer necklace with a layer of chain hanging above your pendant.  

Step 2

To create your graduated seed bead droplets, you will make two of each length apart from the longest one in the centre. 

Step 3

For each pin, cut the top down to 1cm worth of wire. Bend the pin to 90 degrees and turn a loop.
Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to turn a loop - HERE.

Step 4

In our design we used the following amounts on each headpin.
- 7 blue seed beads x 2 headpins
- 11 blue seed beads x 2 headpins
- 10 blue seed beads + 2 white seed beads x 2 headpins
- 9 blue seed beads + 5 white seed beads x 2 headpins
- 8 blue seed beads + 7 white seed beads x 2 headpins
- 7 blue seed beads + 9 white seed beads x 2 headpins
- 6 blue seed beads + 11 white seed beads x 2 headpins
- 5 blue seed beads + 14 white seed beads x 1 headpin

This last pin will be positioned at the centre.

Step 5

Open the loops on the headpins and attach them across your chain.
Find the central large link on your chain and attach the 3 middle pins with the longest at the centre and the next 2 on either side.

Attach the next size pin to each of the smaller links on each side. 
Continue to add 3 pins into the next large link on either side.
Continue to add all your pins onto your chain, making sure they hang correctly. 

Step 6

Finish your necklace by attaching a jumpring to each end of your chain. At this point you can attach a second layer of chain to these jumprings so that it hangs an inch above your pendant. 
Finally attach a lobster clasp to one side of your necklace.