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'Iridescent Iris' Bracelet

'Iridescent Iris' Bracelet

'Iridescent Iris' Bracelet

Designed by: Laura Bajor and Joanne Lockwood

Difficulty: Expert

Rating: 0 Stars

Hexafish Loom Band Bracelet Tutorial

 You will need:

  • From this you will need the movable loom, hook and 1x S-Clip.
  • 132 loom bands
  • Seed beads in size 15 and size 11
  • 4mm round beads
  • needle
  • thread

I used a mixture of the purple coloured bands from the different sized bands, picking out 6 different shades and 21 of each 6 (126 band) save 2 of these for finishing either end of the bracelet. You will also need 6 bands for starting off the design; these get cut at the end.

I followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c2NL928fuQ

TIP – if you’re a beginner try out the fishtail technique first.

This gorgeous bracelet offers a creative challenge to those wanting to achieve more with loom bands. Mix the complex hexafish tubular braid with seed beaded detail for stunning results.

Step 1

Creating the hexafish loom bands bracelet: Assemble your loom. You need two of the loom rows so the pegs are next to each other. You will use the 6 pegs for the design.

Step 2

Now take your 6 starter bands (the ones that will cut). These are placed around the 6 pegs in figures of 8.

Step 3

Place a band around all 6 pegs. Then place another band on top of this.

Step 4

Now you need to loop the bottom band over the two top bands. Do this for all 6 pegs.

Step 5

Add one band around all 6 pegs, so you one again have 3 bands around the pegs. Now loop the very bottom band around the top two bands. After about ¼ of the way through turn the loom over and pull through the bracelet. Continue adding a band at a time until your bracelet reaches its desired length.

Step 6

Once it is at its desired length you need to finish the bracelet. Loop the bottom band over the top band like before so you are left with one band around the pegs. Then loop alternate pegs on the peg next to it, so you have bands on 3 pegs.

Step 7

Place a band around the pegs with bands still on, so it forms a triangle shape (there will be 4 pegs within the band). Now loop the bottom bands over this top band.

Step 8

Loop the bands so they are on one peg. Then attach an S-Clip to this one band and remove from the loom.

Step 9

Now you need to finish of the other side. You need to reattach it to the loom using the loops of the two bands added after the 6 starter bands. Once all the bands are in place you can cut off the 6 starter bands.

Step 10

You are now left with a loom that looks like step 6. Repeat steps 6-8 until you have one band on one peg.

Step 11

Attach the other side of the S-Clip onto this last band and then pull off the loom. Your loom bands bracelet is now ready to wear, or you can continue to add the beaded detail as we have done.

Step 12

Creating the Daisy Chain seed beading: Add half a metre of thread to your needle. Pick up one 4mm Gemstone. Leaving an approx 6 inch tail, take the thread around the bead, pass the needle back through it.

Step 13

Pick up 7 x 15R beads and pass back through the bead again in the opposite direction from that exited.

Step 14

Pull thread so that beads just added sit snugly against the gemstone. Pick up 7 x 15R beads and pass back through the bead again in the opposite direction from that exited.

Step 15

Pull thread so that beads just added sit snugly against the gemstone Pick up 1 x 11R bead and 1 x gemstone. Skipping the 11R just added, Repeat steps 13 and 14.

Step 16

Repeat steps 13, 14 and 15 until you have a chain of 5 gemstones surrounded by seed beads. For the final step 4, only pick up 1 x 11R (no gemstone).

Step 17

Wrap the chain around the Loom Band Bracelet and pass through the very first gemstone added. Pass through all the gemstones and 11R beads in turn, knotting between beads at several intervals. Repeat this step as many times as the
bead holes will allow reinforcing the work. Cut the thread as close to a bead hole as possible. Thread the tail left from the beginning and repeat step 17.

Step 18

Repeat steps 12 to 17 in the same manner.

Step 19

Repeat steps 12 to 17 for the third chain, but with the 11R and 15R in opposite positions. For example: Use 5 x 11R to go around the gemstone and 2 x 15R in-between each gemstone. 

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