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Iridescent Blue Spike Bracelet

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Iridescent Blue Spike Bracelet

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Crystal Chaton Montees 5x5mm / 4mm deep / 1mm hole / Clear Pk24
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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones 3mm Crystal Silver Night Pk24
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Frosted Metallic Silver SuperDuo Twin Holes 2mm x 5mm 10g
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Nymo Beading Thread Size D 0.3mm Black 64yards
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John James Pebble Beading Needles Size 10/12 Pk4
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5000 Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rounds 6mm Crystal LightChrome Pk12
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Toho Size 11 Round Seed Beads Silver-Lined Grey 7.5g TUBE
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5810 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 4mm Crystal Iridescent Dark Blue Pk50
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Information about project:

Iridescent Blue Spike Bracelet

Designed by: Beata Gadomska

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this delicate bracelet with Swarovski Iridescent pearls and sparkling spike beads.

Step 1

1. Thread the needles onto 1 metre of thread.

Step 2

2. Thread on the clasp and place it exactly in the middle of the thread.

Step 3

3. Thread three 11TRs on each thread and slide them so that they are on both sides of the clasp.

a) Then pass the right thread through 1x SD and 1x 11TR. Repeat 8 times.

b) Drag the left thread through the free hole in the first SD, thread 1x 11TR and drag the thread through the free hole in the next SD. Repeat 8 times.

c) To complete this step, pass both threads through 1x SD.

Step 4

4. Using the right needle, thread 1x 3mm AC, 1x Spike AC and repeat this step twice.

Step 5

5. Using left needle, thread 1x 3mm AC, pass the needle through the free hole in Spike AC, repeat twice.

Step 6

6. Thread 1 x 3mm AC for each thread.

Step 7

7. Drag the right thread through Faceted AC, then drag the left thread starting from the side from which the right thread comes out.

Step 8

8. For each thread, pass 1 x HH, 1 x Faceted AC, 1 x HH, then go through Faceted AC as in the previous step. Repeat twice.

Step 9

9. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6.

Step 10

10. Repeat step 3a, 3b, 3c.

Step 11

11. Put on the right thread 3 x 11TR, soldered ring, 3 x 11TR. Then pass the thread through almost all the beads strung to the left thread. The last bead you need to thread is 3mm AC.

Step 12

12. Pass the left thread through all the beads on the right thread, starting from 11TR and ending with 3mm AC.

Step 13

13. Pass the right thread through Faceted AC (your needle is now on the left side of the beadwork).

Step 14

14. Thread 3 x 11TR, 1x AC177, 3 x 11TR. Pass the thread through Faceted AC. Repeat twice.

Step 15

15. Pass the left thread through Faceted AC (your thread is on the right side of the beadwork). Repeat step 15.

Step 16

16. Use the rest of the threads to secure your work. Simply weave through the other beads in your bracelet, then make a knot and cut the rest of the threads off.

If your bracelet is too small, simply add a few split rings to extend the chain. You can also use ready-made extenders.