Beads Direct On Tour with Wendy Manz |

Inspired by Wendy Manz

Step 1

Cut a piece of chain to fit your wrist, allowing for the clasp. Use a jump ring to attach the clasp and add a jump ring to the other end for fastening.

Step 2

Add groups of 2 beads to headpins and create an attaching loop using the 1 step looper or round nose pliers. We created approx. 19 double bead headpins. Pink was chosen as the main colour so this was used more frequently than the accent colours.

Step 3

Create some 1 bead headpins too, about 5 should do. Glue the chatons into the chaton settings and the flower charm holder and leave to dry.

Step 4

Attach your beaded headpins, chatons, flowers and other charms around the chain. 1 or 2 items per chain link works best. Fill up the bracelet and spread the charms around for best effect.