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Inspired by Sarah King

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Inspired by Sarah King

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Plooper 1 Step Looper 1.5mm 24-18gauge Cuts and Loops Wire Pk1
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Titanium Plated Brass Round Lobster Clasp 13mm Pk1
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Information about project:

Inspired by Sarah King

Difficulty: Intermediate


Follow our step buy step instructions to make our interpritation of  Sarah Kings on tour bracelet,

Things you might already have at home
: 1x Jumpring

Tools you will need:1 Step Looper, Round Nose Pliers and Cutters

Step 1

Using pliers, cut your bracelet to your desired length and attach a lobster clasp with a jumpring. We've made the length of bracelet quite long so the bracelet can easily be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes.

Step 2

Using your 1 Step Looper you can start creating the charms. Insert a headpin through one of your beads and create a loop. Watch our video demonstration on how to use the 1 Step Looper.

Continue doing this with as many beads as you wish.

 You will need to make the charms sit at different lengths to give the bracelet more of a cluster look.

Step 3

 Once you are happy with the number of charms you have made start attaching them to the chain. You can attach the charms by using round nose pliers to slightly open the the headpin loop and then closing the loop once attached.

Step 4

Once you have mastered this technique you can use glass pearl mixes instead of chips to create a cluster pearls bracelet.

You could even have a go at making a cluster pearl necklace.