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Inspired by Joanne Zammit

Information about project:

Inspired by Joanne Zammit

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Intermediate


This is our take on a Blue Lagoon necklace Joanne Zammit  made, when on holiday in Comino's Blue Lagoon, in Malta. We used Swarovski Crystal elements and seed beads on a leather and ribbon neck strap.

What you will need...
1x Swarovski Victory Crystal [AC1187]
1x Swarovski 4mm Bicone Indicolite [AC287]
1x Swarovski 4mm Bicone Met Blue [AC472]
1x Toho Size 8 Metallic Iris Violet [8TR504]
1x Toho Size 15 Dark Sapphire Transparent Matt [15TR8DF]
1x Liberty of London Speghetti Blue and Navy [TC718]
1x Pearl 2mm Round Leather [TC522]
1x Antique Silver Lobster Clasp [F849]
1x Silver Plated Bend Style Cord Ends [F854]
1x Silver Plated Brass 5mm Jumpring [F834]

STEP 1: Cut aprox. 43cm of both leather and ribbon. Holding both together, fold them in half. Feed the folded centre through the pendant to form a loop. Pass the 4 loose ends through this loop and pull tight.

STEP 2: Add a cord end and a jump ring to each of the 4 cord ends. Bring one of the leather cords and one of the ribbons together and join with a jump ring. Repeat this on the other side. Attach a lobster clasp to one side and a large jump ring to the other side.

For a simple necklace, you could stop here. To create the full necklace pictured you will need to create a peyote stitch section.


Peyote Stitch Instructions:

 STEP 3: Cut a metre of KO thread. Add a stopper bead to the end, leaving a 6 inch tail. Pick up 5 size 8 seed beads and push them up against the stopper bead. Your thread should now exit bead 6. Pick up 1 size 8 bead. Working back towards the first bead you added, skip the 6th bead and pass back through the 5th (see diagram 1 below). Repeat twice more, picking up one bead and skipping one. You will go through beads 3 and 1 (see diagram 2).

Continue in this way until you have created 10 rows (see diagram 3). Wrap the strip of peyote around all 4 strands of cord and join together to form a tube.

Take the thread down so it exits one of the beads at the bottom of the peyote tube. Thread on some size 15 seeds, a size 8 seed, a crystal and a size 15 seed. Come back up through the crystal and all the other beads to create a dangle. Repeat this process until you have created a dangle from each bottom bead. Weave your thread back through and secure. Cut off any excess.