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Inspired by Annette Emery

Inspired by Annette Emery

Inspired by Annette Emery

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Beadalon Copper Nickel Free Practice Wire Kit ...


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Craft Wire Warm Gold 0.5mm 25m Reel


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Total Cost = £12.64
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Step 1

Take the Beadalon wire kit and separate the square and the half round wire. Measure roughly around the pendant and cut 3 pieces of square wire that fit around generously.


Step 2

Cut a piece of half round wire approx 3-4cm long and wrap the 3 pieces of square wire together. The wires should sit parallel to each other and the wrapping should be positioned in the middle of the wire.


Step 3

Bend the wire roughly around the pendant, and wrap around the square wires again as in step 2. You should create 2 wraps, one either side of the central wrap, part way up the side of the pendant.


Step 4

Turn over to the back. Identify the piece of square wire at the back, and grasp it with some snipe nose pliers or bent nose pliers mid-way between two of the wraps. Use the pliers to pull it in to towards the centre of the pendant, creating a 'case' to stop the pendant falling out at the back. Repeat this between the other wraps to complete this 'case'. 


Step 5

Cut a 15cm piece of craft wire and thread behind the wire pendant case. Keep threading until you reach the middle of your craft wire, position somewhere near the top of your pendant and twist both ends together. This will create one of your branches. Repeat this process to create as many branches as you wish.


Step 6

Collect all your branches together and twist to create your tree trunk. Wrap each end of craft wire individually around the bottom of the pendant frame to secure your tree in place.


Step 7

If your wire ends are very long, cut to approx. 2cm or less and use flat nose pliers to spiral each one. Repeat this process with the square wire at the top. Use pliers to bend your branches in to your desired shape.

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