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Inspired by Anna Brindle

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Inspired by Anna Brindle

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Titanium Plated Brass Round Lobster Clasp 13mm Pk1
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Beadalon Silver Plated Crimp Beads 2mm #1 Pk100
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Antique Silver Zamak 5 Strand Fancy Clasp 39mm 1xPair
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Information about project:

Inspired by Anna Brindle

Difficulty: Intermediate


This is our take on Anna Brindle's design, which was inspired by a trip to the Grand Canyon. We made ours into a bracelet instead of a necklace.

Please note: You will also need 2 jump ring approx. 6mm in size.

Step 1

Use your own wrist size as a guide and cut 5 pieces of beading wire measuring 7 cm longer than your own wrist.

Step 2

Attach each piece of wire to the 5 strand clasp using crimp beads. You may need to trim any excess off.


Step 3

Start threading your fuschia beads on to the top strand. Once you have almost filled the strand thread it through the other 5 strand clasp and crimp in place.

Step 4

Thread your turquoise beads on to the bottom strand. Once you have almost filled the strand thread it through the other 5 strand clasp (through the bottom hole) and crimp in place.

Step 5

With the 3 centre strands start threading on the beads until you almost in the centre of the strand. Thread the 3 pieces of wire through the slider and then continue to add the remaining beads. (See the picture to find out which colour beads to use).

Step 6

Attach the 3 strands to the other clasp and crimp in place. Cut any excess wire off.

Step 7

Using a jumpring attach the lobster clasp to one of the clasps and attach the extender chain to the other clasp.

Step 8

Measure 13cm of waxed nylon cord, heat the ends slightly. Once the cord has cooled cut the end so it has a point and thread on the Sterling silver cone. Tie a knot to secure the cone in place.Thread the cord through the back of the slider and thread on another Sterling silver cone and tie another knot.