Icicle Bracelet

Step 1

Set up the loom as described in the instructions included in the loom.

Step 2

Add your size 8 seed beads as explained in the loom instructions.

Step 3

Create each row by alternating the colours as seen in the main image and continue until you have produced 5.5 inches (46 rows depending on wrist size) of seed beads.

Step 4

Now thread on one Chaton onto your Nymo cord, using your needle go through the two silver beads in the design tie a knot to secure the thread.

Step 5

Once you have threaded all the Chatons on you can now remove the design from the loom.

Step 6

Now tie the ends of the cord together cut any excess cord.

Step 7

To create the ends of your bracelet thread through the middle 4 seed beads at the end of your bracelet then thread 7 seed beads and tie a knot, do the same for the other end.

Step 8

Then attach two jump rings looping it through the middle seed bead then attach your toggle.