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Hypnotic Wrap Bracelet

Information about project:

Hypnotic Wrap Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Make an Eco Nappa Leather Wrap Bracelet in just a few minutes! Follow 5 simple steps to create a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS bracelet.

Step 1

Wrap your eco leather around your wrist 3 times. Cut off any excess.

Step 2

Slide your zamak ID tag on to the centre of the eco leather. Glue your rivoli crystal into the ID tag.

Step 3

Glue your chaton crystals into the charm settings and wait for them to dry.

Step 4

Using 2 jumprings attach 1 charm setting and the zamak heart charm to the zamak ID tag.

Step 5

Glue your leather ends into the cord ends. Attach the remaining charm setting to the chain of the cord ends with a jumpring. In the same place attach the tassel.