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Howlite Leather Bracelet

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Howlite Leather Bracelet

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Howlite Leather Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Howlite Leather Bracelet using howlite chips and faux flat leather cord. You will also require a needle for this design which easily threads through your howlite beads.

Step 1

Cut a section of leather measuring approx. 6" or longer depending on your wrist size. 

Step 2

Cut a long length of thread and secure it approx. 1cm from the end of the leather.

Start sewing the smaller howlite chips to your leather.

Step 3

Sew until you have covered the leather in howlite chips. 
Don't worry about seeing thread stitches on the other side of the leather as this will be against your wrist. 

Step 4

Leave 1 cm of leather at the other end of the bracelet. 

Step 5

Secure your thread when you are happy with the amount of chips. 

Step 6

Glue on each side of the clasp to your bracelet and leave to dry.