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How to make Diamond Shaped Earrings

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How to make Diamond Shaped Earrings

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How to make Diamond Shaped Earrings

Designed by: Katie Brennan

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make these sophisticated diamond shaped earrings using GemDuo and CrystalLove beads. They are perfect for adding a little glitz to your bonfire party outfit. Or you could, of course, choose your own colours to match any outfit, for any occasion.

Whichever you choose, don't forget to share with us how you did it your way <3

Step 1

Lay out your diamonds into a diamond shape that is 4 by 4. Start at the second bead dow and go though the two top holes, then the two bottom holes of the top bead and then through the top two of your third bead. now go down a layer by going through the top two holes of your next bead and the bottom two holes of the previous bead. Carry this on until you have four layers. 

Now instead of going though more beads just go though the bottom holes of the same bead until you have just the last bead.

Step 2

Now your at the bottom you can go though a gold bead and then go back though the layer of beads you've just done this will secure the whole thing and let you put the gold beads in place. Repeat this to put all your gold beads on. Once they are all on go though all the gold beads just to make them sit neatly together.

Step 3

Now add a jump ring to the top and bottom. On the bottom add your star charm and the top needs another jump ring and then an earring finding.

Repeat for second eaarring.