Information about this project

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


We soon forget that to some people, the very basics are not yet known. With this in mind, here is a little project for the absolute beginner to beading. Enjoy <3

Sometimes it really is just All about the Beads. Here I have selected a few of my favourites and strung them very simply with some accentuating Spacer Beads. It is amazing how many looks you can achieve simply by adding spacers in different shapes and sizes and at different intervals. Follow this project to show off your own favourite beads. Happy Stringing! Jo xx

Red Necklace: S5873, MB858 x 2, ST350
Brown Necklace: EX4579, ST350
Pastel Pinks Necklace: EX4425, MB785 x 2, ST352
Earth Tones Necklace: EX4546, ST352
Pale Greens Necklace: EX4556, MB825 x 3, ST351

Step 1

Measure your beading wire to suit the length you would like, plus 5 inches for the crimp/clasp section. I used the wire within the Findings Kit  but Surgical Steel Jewellery Wire would work equally well if you have run out.

Step 2

Thread a crimp bead on to one end of your wire followed by a jump ring, return the wire back through the crimp bead.

Ensuring the wires sit side by side and don’t cross over, use your pliers to squash the crimp bead. Leave enough wire to hide the tail under a bead or two.

Step 1

Step 3

Thread beads in your chosen order (hiding the short tail under the first few beads and trimming if necessary).

Once your necklace is at the desired length, add a crimp bead and a jump ring. Return the wire back through the crimp bead but do not trim excess yet. This time, using your pliers, hold the necklace off the surface you are working on to let the beads settle and close gaps. Tighten the loop by holding the wire immediately after the jump ring and pulling gently on the loose wire, squash the crimp bead. Now you can trim the excess wire.

Step 4

Hold a jump ring with the split at the top and your pliers at the side. Using another set of pliers, hold the other side of the ring and twist each side away from each other (ALWAYS twist, NEVER pull outwards as this will either break or weaken the jump ring) see pictures below.

Put the open jump ring through the loop at the end of the lobster clasp and twist back until the gap in the jump ring closes.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 5

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