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How to make a rivoli and filigree pendant - Beading tutorial

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How to make a rivoli and filigree pendant - Beading tutorial

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Topaz AB SuperDuo Twin Hole Beads 2mm x 5mm 10g
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Firepolish ™ / 4mm / Metallic Suede / Dark Green / 40pcs
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Firepolish™ / 3mm / Smoke Topaz / 40pcs
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TOHO ™ / Round 15/0 / Opaque / Terra Cotta / 10g / ~ 1400pcs
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How to make a rivoli and filigree pendant - Beading tutorial

Designed by: Paula Ziemska

Difficulty: Intermediate


Bezeling is so addictive, it never gets boring. Rivoli’s are a really charming jewellery component that can be used in many ways. In this tutorial Paula Ziemska will show you not only how to bezel a Rivoli crystal, but also how to attach it to a filigree charm, creating a subtle yet impressive component perfect for a necklace. Needles up and let’s do it!

What we’re going to need:
Rivoli crystals – 12mm
FirePolish beads – 8 round beads measuring 3mm & 8 round beads measuring 4mm
SuperDuo beads – 16 beads
TOHO beads – 11/o and 15/o
Beading thread – monofilament thread o.2mm (I will show everything on here using S-Lon D so it’s more visible). You can replace monofilament with Fireline 0.17mm.
Filigree charm – the one I used is 44x42x0.3mm

Our tutorials are mostly for inspiration and learning purposes. Choose the colours to achieve something in your own style!

Step 1

On a 60cm piece of thread slip 8 x 3mm FP beads and 8 x TOHO 11/o one by one (FP->TH->FP->TH).

Step 1

Step 2

Go round through all beads again and tie a knot.

Step 1

Step 3

Coming out of FP take 3 x TH11 and go through neighbouring FP.

Step 1

Step 4

Repeat it with remaining beads (8 times).


Step 1

Step 5

With the needle go through the first picot, so the needle goes out of the third toho. Take 5 x TH15 and go through the closest picot. 

Step 1

Step 6

Go through 2 x TH11 so it goes out of the 3rd bead and take another 5 x TH15. Repeat 8 times.

Step 1

Step 7

After the circle is done, lead your thread to a top 15 of the first sequence and get TH11.

Step 8

Go to the closest TH15 and again repeat 8 times.

Step 9

We can place a crystal in our work now. Pull the thread tight and add 8 x TH15 between TH11.

Step 10

Lead your needle to go out of the top bead of a picot from the beginning of our work.

Step 11

Take one 4mm FP bead and go through neighbouring top bead of TH11 picot.

Step 12

Yes, yes, you are right :) – add 8 x 4mm FP like this and then go through the same sequence with the thread only. 

Step 1

Step 13

Coming out of the first added FP take 2 x SD and go through neighbouring FP. Add 16 x SD like that. 

Step 14

After finishing the circle I recommend going through your design with thread only - to strengthen it. When it’s finished, lead the needle to get out of top hole of SD beads. It’s almost the end. Now we’re going to add TH11 between the SD. 

Step 15

Follow with the sequence 1 TH11 between connected SD and 3 TH11 over 4mm FP. In the end I recommend the thread only round again.

Step 1

Step 16

Last thing is attaching Rivoli to the filigree charm. We’re going to sew it in 16 spots. Place the crystal in the middle of the base and start.

Step 17

Sew it like the picture below, coming out of the top of a picot bead, hem the closest filigree wall and get back to the picot from the other side. Next go to the single bead between SD and do the same, and again repeat 14 times.

Step 18

I recommend using gimp over the thread because filigrees have sharp edges and it’s a matter of time for the thread to break. Gimp will protect the thread and it’s invisible.

Remember that this tutorial is just one of many possibilities. You can bezel and connect Rivoli's in multiple ways  Good luck and thank for your attention! Feel free to share your creations in our Facebook group, we would love to see them. 

Step 1