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How to make a right angle weave semi precious collar - jewellery making tutorial

Information about project:

How to make a right angle weave semi precious collar - jewellery making tutorial

Designed by: Olivia Newton

Difficulty: Beginner


Follow our new jewellery making tutorial where Olivia will show you how to make this beautiful Semi Precious Collar Necklace using our new Rhyolite Semi-precious Round beads following the famous Right Angle Weave technique. This Necklace is so easy to make and creates a gorgeous Spring inspired statement piece. Remember that you can swap the beads out for alternative sizes or colours for a completely different effect. Let's begin! 


TOHO Size 8 seed beads - I chose U0778 

Rhyolite Semi Precious Rounds or any other round bead - Here I used U8956 Size 8mm 

Mistic Round Beads (Or other) - I chose U0534 Size 8mm

Beading Thread - KO White 


Jump Rings

A Headpin

2 Beading Needles

Round Nose, Chain Nose & Cutter Pliers 


Before you begin...

You'll be working with an extra-long thread and two needles in this project but as the beadwork is initially formed at the centre of the thread, you'll only really be working with a single armspan of thread at a time. The Right Angle Weave technique is very adaptable as almost any bead size works well. 

Step 1

Thread a needle onto either end of a double armspan of beading thread. Pick up ten size 8 seed beads. Centre them on the thread then sew through the first one strung so that the threads lie parallel inside the bead and form a loop. 

Step 1

Step 2

Onto each strand pick up three size 8 seed beads. Cross through a Rhyolite bead. ‘Crossing through’ means that you are sewing in opposite directions through the same bead so that the beads cross inside it. 

Step 1

Step 3

Onto each strand pick up one size 8, one Mistic bead, and one size 8 bead. Cross through a new Rhyolite bead.

Step 1

Step 4

Repeat step 3 until you have a beaded strand that has 21 Rhyolite beads down the centre line. 

Step 1

Step 5

Onto the lower strand pick up one size 8 and one Mistic bead; repeat once more. Pick up another size 8 and now add a Rhyolite bead before picking up another size 8. Now sew back up through the Rhyolite bead and seed bead after it. Tighten - see the next picture. 

Step 1

Step 6

Onto the same strand pick up one Mistic and one seed bead; repeat once more. Onto the other strand pick up one seed bead. Cross both strands through a new Rhyolite. Tighten and before continuing, check that there isn’t any thread showing between the beads.

Step 1

Step 7

Continue beading by repeating step 3 to form the other side of the necklace. This photograph shows the first repeat of step 3.

Step 1

Step 8

When all the Rhyolite & Mistic beads are in place, take one strand and pick up thirteen seed beads. Sew through the fourth seed bead so that the threads are parallel inside the bead and a loop is formed. Pick up three seed beads and sew through the Rhyolite bead from the opposite side that you exited it. The threadpath will resemble a figure-of-eight. Take the other strand and sew through the beads you’ve just added. Weave the threads into the beadwork. Knot in a couple of places with half hitch knots then trim off the excess thread.

Step 1

Step 9

Feed a Mistic bead onto a head pin. With round nose pliers hold the pin just above the bead and bend the wire to 90 degrees by pushing it over the jaw of the pliers – this will prevent damage to the bead.

Step 1

Step 10

Cut the wire to leave about 1cm. For safety, hold the loose shard as you cut. 

Step 1

Step 11

With round nose pliers grab the pin’s tip right at the end so there is no wire sticking out. The beadwork should be pointing towards you and the pin’s tip sticking straight up. Using a small wrist movement rotate the pliers away from you a little way so that the wire begins to curl around your tool. Release your grip, turn your hand back and repeat this small movement until the completed loop is sat directly on top of your bead. 

Step 1

Step 12

Open a jump ring by gripping it either side of the join with pairs of pliers. Using a twisting action open the ring as if you were opening a gate. Link on the beaded pin and a second ring. Close the first ring completely. Add additional rings to extend the length then attaching the last one to the seed bead loop on the necklace. At the other end of the necklace add a clasp using a single jump ring.

Step 1

Step 13

It's finished! 

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Step 1

Step 2