How to make a right angle weave bracelet - step by step jewellery making tutorial |

How to make a right angle weave bracelet - step by step jewellery making tutorial

Information about project:

How to make a right angle weave bracelet - step by step jewellery making tutorial

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


I was looking through our Free Projects and decided to remake some of my old favourites using some of our new products.  This bracelet is quick and easy to make and the look and feel can be changed easily using a different clasp and finish/colours of the beads. 

The CrystaLove™ beads gave me enough beads to make 2 bracelets so it's a bargain too! 

Let's stitch! :) 


CrystaLove™ - I used 4mm beads in milky pink, milky pistachio, milky brigh blue and vanilla iridescent

Size 11 seed beads - I used Miyuki opaque light tea rose

Clasp - most clasp will work with this design, I used a magnetic one

Jump rings - 6mm 

White Thread - nymo thread 

Charm - cute ribbon charm 15mm

Step 1

Thread a needle with approx. 2 metres of thread. Decide on the order you want to add your bicone beads along your bracelet. Separate your colours of bicone beads and label them A, B, C & D.

Pick up 3x colour B and 1x colour A pass them down the thread leaving a 30cm tail. Thread through all the beads again and again until you exit on the opposite side of the circle (see picture). 

Step 1

Step 2

Pick up 3x colour C and pass back through the last B crystal you exited from but in the opposite direction (see picture). Thread around this new group of 4 beads again and exit through the second C just added.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Repeat the pattern, adding a new group of 3 bicone beads in the next colours until you've used as many bicone beads as you want to, or have reached the full bracelet length you need. Don't forget to take into account your clasp and finishing when judging the length (approx 10mm).

Step 4

When you get to the desired length, pass back through the beads until you get to the first bicone in the lower horizontal row. Pick up a seed bead and thread through the next horizontal bicone. Repeat this along the bracelet, then change direction and repeat along the top row.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 5

Once you've added both rows of seed beads, exit through the endmost horizontal bicone bead, pick up 1 x seed bead, 1 of your spare bicones, 4 x seed beads and one half of your clasp. Thread back down through the 4th seed bead. Pick up 3 more seed beads, 1 x bicone and 1 x seed bead. Thread through the other endmost horizontal bicone.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 6

Next, tie off your thread. Weave in your thread to secure the design. To do this, weave around the last couple of inches of beads, following the bead path. Make half hitch knots along the way and continue to weave until you are confident it won't unravel.  If you have enough thread you can weave all the way to the other end of the design and knot it to the tail thread.

Step 7

Repeat step 6 on the other end of your bracelet using your tail thread. Weave in this thread securely and trim off any excess threads once you are finished.  Once complete, add the charm to one end of the clasp using a jump ring.

We hope you enjoyed creating this bracelet and would love to see your version, so feel free to share them with us on our Facebook Group

Step 1