How to make a nib-bit collar necklace - jewellery making tutorial step by step |

How to make a nib-bit collar necklace - jewellery making tutorial step by step

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How to make a nib-bit collar necklace - jewellery making tutorial step by step

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TOHO™ / Treasure 11/0 / Lined Crystal / Copper / 5g
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NIB-BIT™ / 6x5mm / Opaque / Turquoise / 5g / ~27pcs
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How to make a nib-bit collar necklace - jewellery making tutorial step by step

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


Do you need inspiration for nib-bit beads? Here Leah Connolly will show you how to make this pretty nib-bit collar necklace using the turquoise nib-bits and rose gold findings/beads. 

I just love how the nib-bit beads sit perfectly in this design, why don't you give this collar necklace a go and share your creations with us on our Beads Direct and Friends Facebook group. We would be thrilled to see your works of art. 

Ready? Let's stitch


Beading Thread - I used white KO thread 

TOHO™  -  one pack of crystal lined copper size 11/0 treasures

Drop beads - two packs of rose gold small drop beads pk20

NIB-BIT™ - two packs of turquoise nib-bits

Needles - size 12


Pliers - snipe and flat nose

Step 1

Cut approximately 1metre of thread. Thread on a needle on both ends.  

Step 1

Step 2

Thread on 6 size 11/0 seed beads to the center of your thread. Now thread on a nib-bit bead onto both threads. 

Step 1

Step 3

With the top thread, thread on 2x size 11/0 seed beads. With the bottom thread, thread on 4x size 11/0 seed beads and go back through the nib-bit. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

I found it easier to complete the top thread first, by threading on 2x seed beads and 1x nib-bit until you have used two packs of nib-bits. 

Then continue with the bottom part of the thread, 1x size 11/0 seed bead, a nib-bit and 4x 11/0 seed beads, then go back through the nib-bit. 

Step 1

Step 5

This necklace measures 15" including the extension chain, so you may want to make it longer/shorter. Continue to the end of your necklace. When you get to your last nib-bit bead, thread on 6x 11/0 seed beads on to the bottom thread and go back through the top hole in the nib-bit.

Step 1

Step 6

With the top thread, thread through the 6x seed beads just added. So that you thread exits the last bead in this sequence. 

Step 7

You will see now that the top and bottm thread have switched arround. So with you new top thread, you can now tie this part off. Work back down your necklace and keep tying a knot to secure it in place. Cut any excess thread. 

Step 8

With your new bottom thread, thread through the 1st  seed bead in the row of 4 seed beads. 

Step 9

Thread on 4x seed beads, 1x drop bead, then 4x seed beads and go through the 4th bead in the previous sequence. See picture. 

Step 1

Step 10

Continue with this process until you have reached the second last nit-bit. Go through the 4th bead in the 4 row sequence, then through the seed bead, nib-bit and the 6x seed beads added at the beginning of your design. 

Step 11

You can now start to tie off your thread, keep going back through your design and tie a knot in some points of your necklace. I tied around 4 knots throughout the design and cut off any excess thread.  

Step 12

Attach a lobster clasp to one end of your necklace using a jump ring. Repeat the other end and use an extension chain. 

Step 1

Step 13

You now have your very own handmade nib-bit collar necklace. What better way to relax and unwind than with a tray of beads, a cup of tea and a group of like minded people? Our Facebook Page is the ideal place to go to share with the beading community. Whether you want to chat, exchange ideas or show us your works of art.... All are welcome to join. 

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